Bookies: bastards, braggarts and borderline criminals. One seldom finds a group of people so detestable. Preying indiscriminately on the elderly and the stupid, destroying families and relationships. A vice so old all Abrahamic texts reference it. A dirty habit and a tough one to break; most importantly, it is scarily…

Im mad! Mmmmkay.

What is right and what is legal can be disparate concepts. Whispers of state intervention into cryptocurrency are becoming more frequent. What’s worse? The whispers are now in English. Creeping authoritarianism in all corners. Cameras on every dual carriageway and intersection. The carnage of government surveillance to ‘protect’ us from…

At first I was afraid, I was petrified! I can’t get compound interest out my mind!

Magic Interwebs dollarydoos!

Alas, the mutterings of a greedy guts. Someone who has subscribed to access an algorithmic trading bot. “That’s a bloody mouthful”, you might rightly say. …

Alexander Mitchell

Market Nerd. Interests in Real Estate, ASX, S&P & Crypto Currency

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