Bookies: bastards, braggarts and borderline criminals. One seldom finds a group of people so detestable. Preying indiscriminately on the elderly and the stupid, destroying families and relationships. A vice so old all Abrahamic texts reference it. A dirty habit and a tough one to break; most importantly, it is scarily commonplace. People I look up to take part; intelligent and creative people. It taps into our inner psychology, our optimism, hopefulness and our fear of poverty. A quick thrill with massive consequences, a genuine bonafide cultural phenomenon.

Like cheese, punting pairs nicely with a drink. So there’s never a lack…

Miss you, Bud.

The scythe comes for all. The Reaper unrelenting and unrepentant. we may delay him, but must ultimately accept: that our time is finite. With the worlds’ focus on corona, I thought perhaps i’d steer your attention toward another, more deadly virus. Who mostly comes for those who’ve gone through a special kind of hardship. Not of religion or race. But sexual orientation.

The gay community has suffered through the AIDS epidemic with dignity and steely determination. A lot of us don’t care. The same way I didn’t when I first heard of ‘coronavirus’ in China. Out of sight, out of…

Im mad! Mmmmkay.

What is right and what is legal can be disparate concepts. Whispers of state intervention into cryptocurrency are becoming more frequent. What’s worse? The whispers are now in English. Creeping authoritarianism in all corners. Cameras on every dual carriageway and intersection. The carnage of government surveillance to ‘protect’ us from enemies and terrorists. Enemies the same government created whilst engaging in illegal warfare. Is there an end in sight? An end to grubby fingered bureaucrats, who’ve never so much as paid for a coffee without public funds. An end to torrents of legislation designed to restrict personal liberty and make…

At first I was afraid, I was petrified! I can’t get compound interest out my mind!

Magic Interwebs dollarydoos!

Alas, the mutterings of a greedy guts. Someone who has subscribed to access an algorithmic trading bot. “That’s a bloody mouthful”, you might rightly say. But it’s becoming one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency space.

All rejoice! Bear market pain is done, finished, kaput. Pop the champagne, Bitcoin at ATH, it’s red panty night, right guys? Unfortunately for many it most certainly is not. Devastating and record level liquidations at the start of 2021 have left a lasting bruise upon the proverbial crypto chad cheek.

Where did everybody go wrong? A lack of experience perhaps, or was it bad technical analysis? The main issue is actually just a lack of long-term planning.

I came into cryptocurrency relatively late. In 2016 I learned about Bitcoin and liked it as a means of forgoing state imposed tariffs…

Alexander Mitchell

Market Nerd. Interests in Real Estate, ASX, S&P & Crypto Currency

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